Day 7: 5 Places I Have Lived

December 7, 2013

I have moved more than a few times in my adult life but mostly just a few miles away from the previous place. Not fun! I am hoping that this will be the last house before we are able to build the home of our dreams. 

1. Santa Monica, CA- this is where I was born and lived until I was 6.5. I have so many great memories of this city... Walking all over to fun markets, libraries, shops, etc with my mom. 

2. Fallbrook, CA- where I was raised and spent most of my life. Now if you are familiar with Santa Monica and Fallbrook, you will know that they are the most opposite places like ever!!!!! Although I didn't really appreciate Fallbrook when I was younger, I def do now! I took for granted living on acreage with a barn, horses, avocado groves, and not being able to hear my neighbors sneeze. 

3. Temecula, CA- this was where I first moved when I left home. Yep, a whole 20 minutes from my parents. 

4. Murrieta, CA- where I bought my first house. I lived here and brought both of my children home from the hospital to this home. 

5. Winchester, CA- I am now in Winchester, CA. About 3 miles from my last home. Like I said, I love this house and hope this is the last place we will live until we can build the home of our dreams one day. 

We even have a cute gazebo now. 

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  1. Ugh! I'm officially jealous! I've always wanted to live in California...