5 Things I Wish I Was More Knowledgeable About- Day 3- of 31 Lists in31 Days

December 3, 2013

Hmmmmmm, there are a lot of things that I wish I was more knowledgeable in about... It will be hard to only pick 5. Well, here it goes...

1. Insurance- Insurance confuses me so much!!!! I feel like I need a class when choosing health insurance, car insurance, any insurance!!!! The deductibles, in/out of network gibberish, HMO/PPO/hybrid crap. I probably spend way more than I need just because I have no idea what I am choosing. 

2. Spanish- I took 3 years of Spanish in high school and did pretty well. How is it that I can't even communicate with the guy at the taco shop???? 

3. Math- I HATE MATH! Yep, I said it and I'm not even sorry! I hate everything about jerky math with its stupid numbers. I can add basic numbers, after I am all out of fingers... I go blank!!!! Literally, you can look at me and see a giant question mark hovering over my poor confused head. I HATE YOU MATH! 

4. My roots- in case you aren't aware... I am the definition of a mutt. I am half Japanese, and then the other half is.... English, Dutch, Scottish, Welsh, German and French. Yup... A mutt!!!! I would really like to learn more about my family on both sides...

Can you see all of those ethnicities in there?

5. Parenting- I mean Boogs is 7 and Beaks is 5 so I've managed to keep them alive this long... Yay me!!! Just kidding. How many times have you heard someone say, "I wish there was a guide to parenting"? It is so true! I would love one if anyone has one that I could borrow. I'm very lucky... My kids are smart, sweet, caring for others, compassionate, and so damn cute!!!! I just wish they would get along with each other better. I know all siblings fight. I know that my younger brother and I sure did (I may have been a tad bit of a bully to him). But come on.... Life is so much easier if you aren't screaming at each other over everything, because then I have to scream at you for screaming at each other, then Zeke barks at me for screaming at the kids... It's just a giant mess. 

Ok so they got along once. Prob cause we were in Maui. Maui makes everything better! 

So there you are.... The 5 Things I Wish I Was More Knowledgeable At (Is that even proper English? It doesn't feel right when I type it. Maybe I should be wishing to be more knowledgeable in English).

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