Day 19: The Strangest Things I've Seen In Public

December 19, 2013

I have seen some pretty strange things... things where I honestly feel that I must be on some hidden camera show.

Like the time that I was sitting, waiting at the Apple store for a new phone (which is a whole crazy story in itself) and this super tall guy walks in wearing a grey sweatsuit, with a trenchcoat and military boots... He is carrying the largest suitcase I have ever seen in my life. He doesn't look homeless... but looks more like a hitman who forgot to change when he left the house. I am 99.9999% sure there were multiple hacked up bodies inside the suitcase. He pushes his way straight to the front counter (ignoring all the people waiting) and starts asking them questions as if he had waited in line like a normal person. He then turns to leave but asks if they will watch his suitcase.... This is where I start looking around for a cameraman and wait for someone to jump out of the suitcase. That does NOT happen. They tell him that he cannot leave his suitcase there if he isn't going to be accompanying it. He leaves it outside the store leaning it up against the window... So now I am convinced that there is a bomb inside, but I am too sick (the long crazy story for another time) to care or move. A car drives up and he gets in, while leaving his suitcase outside.  Ummmm, WTF????? What is happening? It could have been because I had the death flu, pink eye and the worst cold ever... that I was imaging things, but I am pretty sure that happened.

When I was in Jr. High, our school took some of us on an East Coast educational trip. Our bus full of kids from Fallbrook "The Friendly Village" pulls up to our hotel at about 2am in NYC... We are all plastered to the bus windows looking outside at the "big city". As we get out and line up... a man comes up to my friend and I and says, "Have you ever seen a black man pee on a wall?" Um, no sir, I sure have not... Well, now I have. 

Oh and there was the time I was working at Vans shoes in the mall right after highschool... We had a funky cool store with a giant plush king type chair. It's right before closing and my friend James and I are cleaning up the store... Two 20ish girls walk in... One lifts up her skirt, squats on the chair and pees. Yep, pees right on our checkered awesome chair. Then she fixes her skirt and walks off like nothing happened. Uhhhhhhhh??????

I cannot think of anything else right now but enjoy those stories and be glad they didn't happen to you!

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