Day 31: 4 Goals for 2014

December 31, 2013

I've never been one for creating New Year's resolutions because of fear that I wouldn't achieve them... but that's kind of a crappy way to look at things. For someone who is so head strong, I should be able to set my mind and do it... right? So I guess I will give it a try... But this time I am going to set goals that I actually think are achievable instead of saying something like, "I'm going to lose 75lbs".  Anyway, here I go....

1. Grow a vegetable garden- I think that this will be something fun to do with the kids, teach them how to take care of something and watch it grow all while being able to enjoy our own food.

2. Get healthier- I'm not giving myself a weight loss goal... I'm just going to leave it at, be healthier.

3. Go back to school- I'd really like to go back to school.

4. Run a 5k. I know that this doesn't seem like much... but I am not meant to run... Literally, I just wasn't built for it. I was a swimmer and did well because I have big flat feet... Those big flat feet don't really do well on the pavement. Not to mention that I am pigeon toed... Giant disaster!!!! But I would like to run, and learn to enjoy running.

Hope you all have a very safe and fun night! I had a great day with my mom, 2 brother's, 2 sister in laws and my kiddos.  We tried to recreate my dad's New Years Japanese stew, it was okay but I guess we were just missing Dad. Tbone and I are now home with the animals while the kids went to their dads.

Peace out 2013!
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Day 30: 10 Things That Remind Me Of My Childhood

December 30, 2013

I am for sure a child of the 80's. Love love love anything 80's.

1. Punky Brewster- She was my idol! Loved her and her funky fashion.

2. PacMan- He was my first love. I had PacMan sheets, bedspread, curtains and blankets... I still have the PacMan ornaments on my Xmas tree that my mom made for me in 1982. 

3. Jelly Shoes- I always wanted jellies but my doctor told my mom that kids were wearing them to the beach and the hot sand was melting them to the kids feet. (I'd like to see your research findings Dr.).

4. Plastic Charm bracelets/necklaces- These things were everywhere, and I had a billion of them. 

5. Hello Kitty- This was my favorite store. I would get so excited to be invited to a bday party because that meant we were going to the Hello Kitty store to pick out a gift. Tuxedo Sam was my favorite character! 

6. Spumoni sweatshirts- I actually had this one pictured. 

7. Babysitters Club- I read thousands of these things. 

8. Nintendo- I remember getting this for Christmas and setting it up at 3 am. 

9. Splatter shirts- I remember going to the mall to do those paint splatter tshirts.. It was so fun!!!! 

10. Nash Rollerskates- I think I got a pair of these every birthday for like 6 years... and I would skate in the house on the carpet. 

What reminds you of your childhood? 

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Day 29: 5 Songs I Can't Help Singing Along To

December 29, 2013

Unlike AJ over at Oh Hey, It's AJ, I do not like to Karaoke (I'm actually terrified of it and have never done it), but that doesn't mean that I won't sing like a crazy person in my car or at home. I'll basically sing anything that I know the words to (or I'll make up new words). I'd have to say my top 5 songs to sing along to are....

1. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. How can you not sing along to this????? It's a great one!

2. Hey Ya! by Outkast. This song makes me want to get up and shake it like a polaroid picture.

3. Shake it for me by Luke Bryan- mostly because I'd like to shake it for him or vice versa!!!! I mean, have you seen him??? Grrrr!

4. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond- I've seen this man in concert twice!!!!

5. Annie's Song by John Denver- this may be one of my very favorite songs of all time!!!! It's so beautiful (future wedding song???).

What songs make your speakers go Boom Boom?

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Christmas Leftovers & Pies

December 28, 2013

This is something new... I'm linking up with Classy Clutter's Spotlight Saturday link party!!! So hopefully this goes well.

Every wonder what to do with your Christmas dinner leftovers? Uh, duh... throw em' in a pie! I know, such a simple concept... I have no idea how I didn't think of this before!!!!!

Tbone's mom (Grandma C) gave me such a good idea... Put all of your dinner left overs in a pie crust.

I just bought the pre-made pie crust in a can (hey give me a break, this was my first holiday cooking for a group of people), and covered the bottom with turkey, then did a layer of mashed potatoes, next was the stuffing and gravy.. Then I simply put the pie top on, bunched the edges together, cut slits in the top and baked for about 20 min at 325. Since everything is cooked already, you just need to keep it in the oven until the pie crust turns a gorgeous golden color.

Sorry it's an iphone pic

It was a hit! Kind of like dressing your left overs in a costume to make it new and exciting again. 
Now I want to put everything in a pie! Woohoo! Enjoy! 

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Day 28: 5 Things I Like To Discover About People

1. A big tell all about people is if they like animals. You can tell so much about a person this way. I generally do not trust a person if they don't like animals. 

2. Favorite movies... this is another one that will tell me a lot about someone. 

3. Ethnic background- this is so fascinating because we are all such mutts. Even if you don't think you are... You are!!!! Like me for example... everyone assumes I am Hawaiian. Nope, I am half Japanese, and the other half is German, Scottish, French, Dutch, & Welsh. See, MUTTTTT! 

4. Childhood stories- I have so many great ones, so I know that you must too!

5. Scars- I know this is kind of weird but I find scars amazing. They tell stories and even though many are painful, they are also stories of triumph. I never, ever, ever have been ashamed of mine (and I have more than a few including one across my cheek, and one across my throat).

What do you like to discover about people? Tell me, tell me! 

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Day 27: 7 Things I Can See From Where I'm Sitting

December 27, 2013

Well now that I have taken down all of the Christmas decorations (except for the tree), my view isn't as exciting. But here are 7 things that I can see from where I'm sitting.

1. My lovely deer head that I love so much! Thank you Target clearance section!!!! I really want to glitter his antlers but I think that may be pushing Tbone over the edge (he calls glitter "Devils Dust").

2. The kids playing on their new tablets that they got for Christmas. (They must have an awesome mom and stepdad-ish guy).

3. The fireplace that we have never used. We had hoped to use it on Christmas eve but it was 80 degrees so that didn't exactly work out.

4. A picture of my dad. I miss him so much! It's been almost 4 months since he's been gone and it's starting to hit me finally.

5. Zeke and Angel trying to fight for a spot of sunlight next to the sliding glass door. My money is on Angel. She's large and in charge. I mean, how many of you have cats with a double chin?

6. An empty mantle... I haven't decided how to decorate it for New Years.

7. My delicious cup of coffee made from my new Aeropress, compliments of my brother. If you are a fan of coffee... try one! It makes your coffee taste so smooth, it tastes creamy!

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Day 26: 5 Things I'm Afraid Of

December 26, 2013

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am absolutely terrified of spiders. I cannot even look at them in books or on TV. It's quite ridiculous but I can't help it. It's just not natural to have 8 furry legs! Ewwww! 

I also have this stupid fear of clusters/small holes. It's called typhophobia. There is an actual term for it. Google it! The thought of it makes me shiver and feel itchy! 

Jack In The Boxes are another. I know... I'm weird! But you never know when that stupid freaky puppet is going to pop out! 

Dolls- not all dolls but the old creepy ones that my grandma used to try to get me to play with. Uh, no thank you! 

I really can't think of a 5th but my 4 are pretty stupid so hope that makes up for it! 

There will be no pictures in this post because I am too creeped out by all of these things to even look at pictures to attach. Sorry! 

Day 25: My Favorite Things About Christmas

December 25, 2013

What is not to love about Christmas? There is family, food, presents, food, decorations, food, most people are in a great loving mood, and food!!!!

Honestly before I had kids, I could have been okay without even celebrating Christmas if it weren't for breaking my poor mother's heart. But then I had children of my own and then I completely understood where she was coming from. The feeling of seeing your children so excited and happy is just such a great feeling that I cannot describe. The magic of Christmas is just that.... MAGIC!

So here are my very favorite things about Christmas in no particular order at all.

Being with my family. I love my family! I have been blessed with a pretty awesome one!!!! This year was tough being that it was the first Christmas of my life without my father and I miss him so much!

Christmas Eve with my kids. Making reindeer food, Santa cookies, snuggling up on the couch to watch The Elf on the Shelf.

The wonderful feeling of everyone being just a little bit more thankful than before.

Watching everyone open their presents and seeing their expression.

Seeing my kids look at what Santa brought them in disbelief!

Merry Christmas from Us! 

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Day 24: 5 Artists I Adore

December 24, 2013

There are a few artists that I just love love love...

1. Lori Earley-

2. Audrey Kawasaki-

3. Rik Lee- 

My friend Jesikuh beat me to getting this tattooed... 

4. Peter Lik- he's an amazing photographer and makes these awesome custom frames for his work. 

I have this at the end of my hallway! I love her!

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