10 Things I Do Every Day

December 2, 2013

So here is my first list of December.

Now obviously I'm going to leave out the obvious... Brush my teeth, feed the animals, go to the bathroom, etc. So... get ready, I lead a super exciting life!!!!

10 Things I do Every Day...

1. Every morning, I get up and make myself a half of a pot of coffee (6 cups). This lasts me the whole day. 

2. I check my email, Instagram, Pinterest and my blog feed. 

3. I do at least one load of laundry a day. Having 2 kiddos who do sports a dude who's an electrician and three shedding animals.... I get lots of stuff to wash. 

4. I check the mail. I love getting mail!!! Unfortunately, it's usually bills. 

5. I plan dinner. Like I mentioned, we have sports which are usually placed right during dinner, so I have to plan it out ahead of time. 

6. I put on KTLA early morning news so I know generally what is going on in the world (and I like to look at Henry DiCarlo). 

7. I check the weather on my phone. 

8. I check my bank acct to mentally balance what I don't have. 

9. Tidy up the house (that whole kids and animal thing).

10. Tell my family how much I love them!!!!

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