Owl Always Love Fall

August 28, 2013

I looooove looooove looooove Fall!!!!!

Fall means crisp weather, apple picking in the mountains, sweatshirts and jeans (well if you don't live in Southern California), my birthday, and my very very favorite day.... Halloween!!!!!!

Even though it's a billion degrees (not even exaggerating), I am getting in to the Fall spirit.

I've already filled my apothecary jars with candy corns, coffee beans & little pumpkins. I've printed out my Fall subway art for our mantle and made a cute wreath (out of brown coffee filters) for above the fireplace.

my coffee filter wreath. 

Now when I was at Joann's picking up a foam wreath and some ribbon... I just happen to notice that they had set out all of their HALLOWEEN stuff!!!!! I seriously could not contain myself!!!! I was like a kid in a candy store!!!

Look at the fun things I found (and had to leave at the store because I am on a serious budget).

this is perfect for the kids and me

  and then I saw these!!!!!!!! 

Now I love and collect owls. I know, real original... They are super trendy right now and are all over the place... Well I collect owls and bats... Both Fall animals!!! 

So I thought I would take pics of a few of my owls that I have here at home. 

Both of these are prints from Ben Corn who has tattooed me. 

I was so excited when Scentsy came out with an owl warmer!!!! I just had to have it! 

Well you get the idea... I love owls!!!! and Fall!!! 

Hmmm I wonder if it's too early to get out of my Halloween decorations out?!?!?



Giddy Up

August 26, 2013

My kids and I looooove the rodeo!!!

They actually were wearing their boots for days prior to the event. I even had to convince Beaks that boots and shorts wasn't really a good look for Kindergarden.

Love of boots runs in my family. My dad has about 50 pairs of cowboy boots!!! Work, riding, dress boots.... all kinds!!!! So it's no wonder that we love them too. I have about 5 pairs, Boogs has 2 pairs and Beaks has his John Deere boots.

T had never been to a rodeo so we were excited that we could take him to his first one! T hasn't even ever been on a horse! That's so crazy to me since I grew up with horses. 

Even though we got there late, we had such a good time!!!! Beaks even got an offer to start Mutton Bustin'!!!! I think it's going to take quite a bit of convincing to get him to agree!!!!


Back to School

August 14, 2013

Well today the kiddos are back to school... And it's ridiculously hot!!! 

Both kids love their teachers and classmates! I'm so excited for them and the upcoming school year. 

Homemade teacher gifts. I got this idea from a blog that I follow. www.lilluma.com 

All ready for a new school year. 

Can't believe my baby is a kindergartner. Isn't he the cutest? 

...and this one!!!! 2nd grade?!?! Where does the time go?

So what does mom do when she has free time? Take the dog for a walk and a haircut. 

And then watch Monday's Longmire that I had recorded. 

He had a great 1st day!!!

Now we are off to the pool to cool off.