December 11, 2013

I am constantly downloading and deleting apps...

The only ones that remain constant are....

INSTAGRAM- my very very favorite app! Go ahead and follow me here =)

ABM- A Beautiful Mess is just a fun photo app that I like to use.

PINTEREST- almost every meal that I make comes from here, almost every craft I do comes from here, and almost every outfit, vacation I want to go on, and hairstyle I love, comes from here! You can follow my Pins here .

USAA- my bank. Cause I've gotta always know how much I DON'T have.

BLOGLOVIN- This is the app that I use to keep track of all of the blogs that I follow. You can follow me on my Bloglovin here.

CARTWHEEL- This is my Target app. It's coupons and savings for my favorite store. Yay!

STARBUCKS- When I have extra money (which is NEVER), I like to put money on my Starbucks app. This gives me a free drink when I hit 12.

The rest of my apps are pretty much standard... Not too exciting, I know. Sorry!!!!

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