Day 5: 5 Costumes I've Worn On Halloween

December 5, 2013

Halloween is my very very very favorite holiday!!!! Unfortunately I was sick for about 95% of my childhood Halloweens. I truly think this was because it was only 4 days after my birthday which Imusually spent staying up all night with my friends, eating candy, etc... 

My mom and I laugh when we look back at how sad I was. I would walk outside of my own house in my pajamas and knock on my own door. Is that not the saddest thing ever? Well maybe not ever, but it's so sad!!!!

Even though I was sick for so many childhood Halloweens, I have made up for it since. 

Here is a list of 5 things I have worn for Halloween...

1. Alice In Wonderland- this is my favorite Disney movie EVER!!!! And not the Tim Burton one that I was severely disappointed in (which is strange since I loooove Tim Burton). 

2. Skeleton- my kids and I dressed as a skeleton family a few years back. 

3. Minnie Mouse- I had run out of time this year and threw it together. 

4. Pirate- a big group of us went to Maui for Halloween back in 2004. Us girls dressed as skanky pirates (I'm not proud).  There will be no pictures of this!

5. Dark Angel- again in Maui with Anna (my partner in crime) back in 2001ish, I dressed as a dark angel. Now I was soooo smart, I bough these big expensive wings and decided to ship them over to Maui. This not only cost me an assload but they showed up only hours before we went out for Halloween. The. I discovered that walking through masses of people with huge wings sticking out, was extremely less than ideal. So.... I ended up walking sideways for most of the night. Don't ask!!! 

My cousin Dave and me

So there you go... 5 costumes that I have worn on Halloween!!!! What about you????

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  1. You can't go wrong with Alice In Wonderland. I was Alice one year, and loved it so much that I recycled it the following year with a black tutu and some dark makeup and went as "Malice" in Wonderland. ;)