Day 17: 3 Things I Am Terrible At

December 17, 2013

Numero Uno- Dancing!!!! So bad that it's embarassing and I won't really even do it at home unless I am making fun of myself. It's really that bad. My mom said that she tried to teach me rhythm when I was little but I just never got it. Wah! Thank goodness Tbone hates dancing too! We will be the two bumps not dancing at your wedding.

2. Art- I am so horribly un-artistic. I guess it's that whole right brained thing. Dancing, art, math. Ugh!
My stick figures are even bad!

3. Not tripping- I tend to trip a lot. Like A LOT! I think it's because I have huge, pronated, flat feet!!! I know, I  am really selling myself here aren't I? Good thing Tbone loves me for who I am!!!! He has witnessed me fall going up stairs more than a handful of times!

Anyway, now I am going to try to make myself feel better by doing something I am good at. Snuggling my cat until the kiddos come home.

Doesn't she look so snuggly?

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