Oh Hey, It's Friday So I'll Do The Blogmopolitan Quiz Part Deuce

July 18, 2014

Welcome to my first 'Oh Hey, It's Friday' hosted by The Farmer's Wife

1. I may have re-homed a T-Rex today... I don't just rescue dogs and cats people!!! 

2. I sleep with a blankie named "Wormie". Don't judge me!!!

3. I have never seen "The Notebook", and I refuse to!!!! 

4. I have Trypohophobia!!! and now goosebumps from just thinking about it. 

5. For my first 34 birthdays, I wished for a pet Falcor. Everyone needs a luck dragon!

Now on to the Blogmopolitan Quiz #2 hosted by Two Thirds Hazel

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July 14, 2014

How was everyone's weekend? Hope you had lots of sunshine and relaxation. 

1. Hawk that we spotted at my mom's house. 
2. My dreaded dentist appt after 5 years (i know). 
3. My new hat (I want to be a mermaid).

1. Hunter begging at the BBQ.
2. Tbone and Beaks enjoying the Summer evening. 
3. Tbone may be old but he's still got it. 

1. Sunday morning donut run with the monkeys. 
2. Boogs, my mom and I had a mani/pedi date. 
3. Boogs and my feet. 

What did you do this weekend? 

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Back in Business

July 9, 2014

Not sure if I've ever shared what I do for a living... besides animal rescue (which only pays me in amazing warm fuzzy feelings), I do contract real estate work for a few agents from home... business has been a little slow... and it's never consistent. So, I've been looking for a job since both of my kiddos will be on the same school schedule this year. 
It's been a bit rough finding anything right now since I haven't had a "real job" since before my kids were born (I used to work on the finance side of real estate). 
Annnnyway, it's hard to find anything that allows me to spend as much time with my kids as I want so that I can work in class, get them to and from all of their sports, etc... I've been spoiled their whole lives by being able to stay home. 
So, a few friends recommended that since I have been around and have loved animals my whole life, that I should start a pet sitting/dog walking business... That way, I can work my own hours and still be with my kids (oh and I am going back to school this Fall 2 nights a week). 
So I did it! 
I started a business! 
Of course most of you aren't in So Cal let alone in my area so you won't be able to use me but I just thought I'd share my new venture. 
Welcome to 'No Place Like Home- Pet Sitting and Dog Walking'
You can "like" my fb page and maybe if you know someone in the area, you can steer them my way. Plus I post lots of pics of animals we work with so if you like animals, you'll see tons of cuteness!!!! 
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