Day 28: 5 Things I Like To Discover About People

December 28, 2013

1. A big tell all about people is if they like animals. You can tell so much about a person this way. I generally do not trust a person if they don't like animals. 

2. Favorite movies... this is another one that will tell me a lot about someone. 

3. Ethnic background- this is so fascinating because we are all such mutts. Even if you don't think you are... You are!!!! Like me for example... everyone assumes I am Hawaiian. Nope, I am half Japanese, and the other half is German, Scottish, French, Dutch, & Welsh. See, MUTTTTT! 

4. Childhood stories- I have so many great ones, so I know that you must too!

5. Scars- I know this is kind of weird but I find scars amazing. They tell stories and even though many are painful, they are also stories of triumph. I never, ever, ever have been ashamed of mine (and I have more than a few including one across my cheek, and one across my throat).

What do you like to discover about people? Tell me, tell me! 

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