Sunday Social

March 30, 2014

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday!!!! 

1. What is your ideal way to relax? 
The way I relax is completely up to the mood I am in. Sometimes I am totally fine with sitting on the couch and reading a book, binge watching tv, or taking a nap.. Sometimes I need the sun on my face. I guess if I had to choose one, I'd be relaxing on the boat at the river... Sun in my face, sound of the water slapping the side of the boat, and fresh air hitting my skin. 

2. Where is your favorite place to be?
This is either the river or in Maui... Both are my happy place! 

maui outside of my aunt's house

maalaea harbor

in front of the river house

the kids at the river w/their best friend 

3. Who do you consider your biggest role model?
I don't have one person that is my role model... I take bits and pieces of people and compile them in to one big goal. If I had to choose just one... It would be my dad!!! He had done and accomplished so much in his life. 

Dad, Mom and Beaks

4. What does your life look like in 3 years?
Hopefully comfortable!!! Tbone, the kiddos and the furries. 

5. If you could go back and change one decision, what would it be?
I would say marrying the kids dad but then I wouldn't have my two babies!!! So I can't really say that. Living with my old roommate... That was the worst!!!! Oh god! Horrible!

6. What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
My kids!!! I know some may not see it as an accomplishment but I love those monsters more than anything and they are great, amazing, good people!!! 

playing on the golf cart at the river

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Sunny Saturday and Movie Reviews

March 29, 2014

Happy Saturday to all of you!!! Hope it's nice and sunny where you are! Rain was in our forecast but thank goodness Mother Nature decided to give us sun and warmth instead! 
We spent the first have of today watering at Tbone's parents house... They have gardens and planters galore... So since they are out of town, we went over to water all of the things that are in pots that the sprinklers don't get, fill up the bird baths and to put food out for the cat that comes over to eat. If you follow me on IG, then you've seen the flower pics I posted, if you don't follow me, then you should now!!!! Here
If you have a tv then you probably know that So Cal had an earthquake or 50 yesterday. Since we are about an hour and a half south of LA, we only felt the large one (5.1). Tbone and I were in the middle of watching The Councelor (I'll tell you about that in a minute) when we heard the rumble... We both stared at each other, then looked at the dogs and cat... Zeke barked like crazy, and then Tbone and I stared at each other again... It seemed to go on forever!!! I had to look at my glass of water to make sure it had stopped. So now of course everyone in So Cal is prepared to break off in to the ocean. 
this is literally the face that our news caster made while having an earthquake a few weeks ago. 

Okay let's go back to the movie The Councelor... Don't waste your $1.50 or whatever it costs to rent this movie from RedBox. It's pointless, skips around too much and for what? Nothing!!! We kept hoping that there would be a twist and then we'd be like, "ooooh that's why we wasted 2 hours of our life"... but no, it never happened. It really did look promising... Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, & Penelope Cruz... Nope, it sucked!!! I repeat, don't waste your time or money on this. The only good thing in this movie is Cameron Diaz's hair.
Next up... The Wolf of Wallstreet!!!!! Okay, this is a great movie!!! Fantastic!!! Rent this! Now!!! Stop reading my post and go rent it. Okay I'll stop being bossy now, but seriously, you should see this! Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing and Jonah Hill is hilarious! I love him!!! There is a part where Leo is so messed up on Queludes (sp?) that he cannot function and he literally rolls down the stairs of his country club... I about peed myself! Hilarious!
On to American Hustle... Another movie that I was disappointed in. I had so much hope for this movie and it let me down... Suuuuper slow!!!! I mean it was okay but nothing like I had expected! Glad we didn't waste our time and money seeing this in the theater. 

Lastly, Dallas Buyers Club... This surprised me!!!! I am not sure why, because it was so well spoken of... but man, it was amazing!!!! I realllly enjoyed this... It's definately not a feel good movie, but it's a good one for sure!!!! Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto were both AMAZING!!!! 

That's all I've got for ya today!!! Enjoy your weekend!
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5 on Friday... Spring Break Edition

March 28, 2014

Happy Friday!!!! I am so messed up on my days since the kids are off of school for Spring Break! Everyday feels like a weekend to me. 

Let's get to 5 on Friday cause I have to hurry, shower and meet my mom and Aunt for breakfast! 

1. The kids do NOT understand that Spring Break is for sleeping in. 

2. We had 90 degree temps last week and now that we are on Spring Break, we have dreary 70 degree weather... WTF

3. Yesterday we took a family trip to Lowes to pick out things to plant... The kids picked grape tomotoes, basil, snapdragons, zinnias and pansys. 

4. You can only take so many walks and bike rides with the kids to keep them occupied... Now what?

5. I need more coffee! 

What do you guys with kids do to keep your monsters occupied? I don't want them sitting in front of the tv or on their tablets all day!!! Are my kids the only ones that cannot find something to do on their own? 

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My Heart Goes Out For...

March 25, 2014

So it's been all over the news that Malaysian Air has reported that flight 370 has crashed in the Indian Ocean with no survivors... 

I don't know about you guys but we've been a little obsessed over this whole missing plane incident. I mean, how the hell does a giant aircraft go missing???? Poor Tbone has been in awe that this even happened. 

Of course the whole thing seemed a little wonky from the beginning as if it were taken over by someone... but we may not ever know. 

I cannot imagine what the family members must be feeling right now. The news has been showing people having to be taken away by stretcher because they are so overcome with grief... I am sure they wanted to believe that their loved ones had landed safely somewhere and maybe there was hope to get them back. 

Now the news is making a big deal about how Malaysian Air alerted the loved ones about the updates... 

This update was sent via text..

"Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond a reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived. As you will hear in the next hour from Malaysia's Prime Minister, we must now accept all evidence suggests the plane went down in the Southern Indian Ocean."

My first impression was, "Holy Hell, how could they be so insensitive to send these poor people a text?"  but then I thought, "okay if the airlines took the time to call each family member... by the last group to be alerted, the first people would have already let everyone they know, know... so the last people would probably hear via news, online (we all know how fast news spreads), etc... and then we would all be horrified that they had to hear it from someone other than the airlines... It's not like all these family members were in one common place... they were all over the world... Text was probably the idea that made most sense even though it seems horribly insensitive. 

The whole situation is just so awful and my heart goes out to the families and loved ones. Even though they have been told their family members didn't survive... they still have no idea what happened and what their loved one went through prior to the crash. 

What is your opinion on the whole thing? I'm interested to know everyone's thoughts. 

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The Return of Monday

March 24, 2014

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! We did for sure! It just always goes way too fast. 

Today is our official first day of Spring Break and the kids are already bored... Oh joy, this should make the next two weeks a blast!!! We also are starting Spring Break with dreary weather. It's supposed to be 80 degrees but it is grey and yucky outside... No fun!

I am off to find something to entertain the crazy monster children. Enjoy your day and hope it's not too Monday-ish! 

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Sunday Social

March 23, 2014

Right now I am at Nascar (yes I am a half asian redneck). So I wrote this on Saturday! 

1. What are the top 3 things you can't go a day without doing?
I am not going to list the obvious like showering, brushing my teeth, etc... So, drinking coffee unless I am super super sick, biting my nails, and flossing.

2. What are 3 things that scare you the most?
Spiders, clusters of holes (google tryphophobia), fire.

Uh hello, I'm scared of these things.... no pictures!!!

3. What are 3 places you want to see before you kick the bucket?
Greece, Fiji & Italy

4. What are 3 movies you will always love?
Tombstone, The Great Outdoors, & The Shining

5. What are your 3 favorite current songs?
Brantley Gilbert's Bottoms Up is the only thing that comes to mind right now. 

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March 22, 2014

So I have been wanting a beach cruiser bike forever!!! I've always had either a mountain bike or kids bmx style bike.

Just recently Tbone's dad bought him an awesome mountain bike and now I am feeling a little left out since he and the kids all have bikes and I don't. Sooooo, I have been perusing beach cruisers... OMG there are so many cute ones!!!!

Check these out!!!! I can totally see myself cruisin through the campground on one of these bad boys!

I am so torn... I'm leaning towards the last one becuase he's a local guy who a friend referred me to with great prices. What do you guys think? I would take off the basket cover and seat cover... Not big on the pink zebra print.  I also have a friend who makes custom drink coozies that fit on to your handlebars... Perfect for camping! 

Have a great weekend!!! Maybe I'll have a new bike to show you soon. 

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Five on Friday

March 21, 2014

Happy Friday!!!! 
I'm excited that it's finally Spring!!!! 

[ONE] Our Spring Break begins as soon as the kids get out of school today!!! Woohoo!!! 

you would not believe what i found when i google image'd "spring break"

before kids and tattoos. 

[TWO] I think the kids need a trip to the zoo on Tuesday (if the weather permits). 

[THREE] I will be attending my very first Nascar this Sunday and I'm actually excited about it. 

[FOUR] Our weather is all over the place lately... Last weekend it was 90 degrees... now we may have rain this coming week... WTF?!?!!? Mother Nature, get your shit together!!! 

[FIVE] I'm going to do some work in the garden today and hope that I don't get stung by a bee like I did last week. 

This totally happened to me! 

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