Day 4: 5 Things I Would Do If I Won The Lottery

December 4, 2013

Now I can honestly say that I have never bought a lottery ticket. Well, I've bought scratchers before but I don't know if that's considered a lottery ticket. So I guess what I mean is... I've never bought one of those powerball lotto ticket thingys. It's probably because I'm NOT a gambler at all. In fact, I've been to Laughlin so many times and stayed in the casino but just didn't even play a slot machine.... Now, I love to spend money! I used to have a bad habit of spending money but over the years, I have had to learn to be much more frugal with my money. But, I just can't understand paying money and not getting anything back. I'd much rather spend that money on a coffee or something that I can hold in my hand.

When Tbone entered our lives, he introduced us to lotto tickets. At first I thought, "that's really dumb, why don't you just give me your money instead of basically throwing it away". But Tbone is smart.... He sets aside a few bucks every week for his tickets and that's it. So I still haven't purchased one but I do get really  excited to go to the gas station and scan the ticket. It's the simple things, don't judge me! 

So now that we have lotto tickets in the house.... Tbone and I have discussed quite a bit what we would do with the money if we won. 

Here are some of the things I would do.... (Based on the fact that we won lots of millions)

1. I would give everyone in my immediate family a big chunk. Family is family, they have made me what I am today... and everyone could definitely use some extra savings. 

2. I would put aside college money for my kids.

3. I would buy a big piece of property in Montana or Wyoming. I would like to build multiple homes on this property for my family. Think Pioneer Woman. 

4. We would build our dream home. Nothing too big, but a log home that is warm and comfortable. This would be our forever home, the home we will live in for the rest of our lives, the home that our kids can bring their kids to stay. 

5. I would donate to my very favorite charities. Tazzy Fund, Relay for Life, and Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. 

What would you do if you won the lottery???? Share!!!! Talk amongst yourselves...

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