Day 18: Favorite Places To Go In My City

December 18, 2013

Well I don't live in a big city like LA or San Diego so I'm kind of limited... 

1. Old Town Temecula- I love the feel of old towns with cute shop fronts and places to tie up your horse. 

2. Wine Country- even though I don't drink wine, I love visiting the wineries. It's just so beautiful and I am lucky to live here. 

3. Green Acres Ranch- this is where my kids took horse riding lessons, and went to horse camp. I miss having horses so much so I love spending time on a working ranch. 

4. Lake Skinner- we are very lucky to have this about 10 min from our driveway. We have spent NYE and Easters camping here with our group of friends. The kids ride their bikes all day while we watch and chat and eat!

5. My house- now what kind of hermit would I be if I didn't love to be inside my own home. 

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  1. Your last line really made me chuckle. My friend and I call ourselves "hermits", and I do love being in my house!

    It's awesome that you have a ranch with horses nearby!

    As a friendly note, you might have noticed that many many blogs have gotten rid of word verification. Blogger changed it so it's really hard to read the words. Most of us eliminated "anonymous" comments (to keep out spam) and eliminated word verification when blogger made the change. Just thought that I'd give you the heads up!