Day 22: My Favorite Snacks

December 23, 2013

I used to be a salty foods lover over any type of sweets... until I had Beaks! Now I love both! Woooonderful.

Here is my list (based on the fact that these foods wouldn't kill me).

Chips- this is my number one! I try not to buy them because if they are in the house, I will eat them. I do buy the PopCorners though, they are gluten free (I'm not gluten sensitive) and low fat, but be careful.... it's easy to eat a whole bag in one sitting.

Oreos- see above... I don't buy them because I will eat them.

String Cheese- this is my go to if I am running out the door and need to put something in my stomach.

Almonds or Pistachios- love em and they are easy to just have a handful.

Popcorn- it's so easy to throw 1/4 cup in a brown paper bag, pop it, and have a quick snack.

Grapes- another quick and easy one but can be so refreshing.

I get that this isn't super exciting. Sorry! LOL

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