Day 30: 10 Things That Remind Me Of My Childhood

December 30, 2013

I am for sure a child of the 80's. Love love love anything 80's.

1. Punky Brewster- She was my idol! Loved her and her funky fashion.

2. PacMan- He was my first love. I had PacMan sheets, bedspread, curtains and blankets... I still have the PacMan ornaments on my Xmas tree that my mom made for me in 1982. 

3. Jelly Shoes- I always wanted jellies but my doctor told my mom that kids were wearing them to the beach and the hot sand was melting them to the kids feet. (I'd like to see your research findings Dr.).

4. Plastic Charm bracelets/necklaces- These things were everywhere, and I had a billion of them. 

5. Hello Kitty- This was my favorite store. I would get so excited to be invited to a bday party because that meant we were going to the Hello Kitty store to pick out a gift. Tuxedo Sam was my favorite character! 

6. Spumoni sweatshirts- I actually had this one pictured. 

7. Babysitters Club- I read thousands of these things. 

8. Nintendo- I remember getting this for Christmas and setting it up at 3 am. 

9. Splatter shirts- I remember going to the mall to do those paint splatter tshirts.. It was so fun!!!! 

10. Nash Rollerskates- I think I got a pair of these every birthday for like 6 years... and I would skate in the house on the carpet. 

What reminds you of your childhood? 

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  1. OMG, I can't believe I left out Babysitter's Club. I was OBSESSED.

  2. Riding my bike! I loved riding bikes more than anything when I was a kid. Some things never change!

    Fun post!