Day 27: 7 Things I Can See From Where I'm Sitting

December 27, 2013

Well now that I have taken down all of the Christmas decorations (except for the tree), my view isn't as exciting. But here are 7 things that I can see from where I'm sitting.

1. My lovely deer head that I love so much! Thank you Target clearance section!!!! I really want to glitter his antlers but I think that may be pushing Tbone over the edge (he calls glitter "Devils Dust").

2. The kids playing on their new tablets that they got for Christmas. (They must have an awesome mom and stepdad-ish guy).

3. The fireplace that we have never used. We had hoped to use it on Christmas eve but it was 80 degrees so that didn't exactly work out.

4. A picture of my dad. I miss him so much! It's been almost 4 months since he's been gone and it's starting to hit me finally.

5. Zeke and Angel trying to fight for a spot of sunlight next to the sliding glass door. My money is on Angel. She's large and in charge. I mean, how many of you have cats with a double chin?

6. An empty mantle... I haven't decided how to decorate it for New Years.

7. My delicious cup of coffee made from my new Aeropress, compliments of my brother. If you are a fan of coffee... try one! It makes your coffee taste so smooth, it tastes creamy!

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