Day 6: 10 Of My Favorite Movies

December 6, 2013

Ok I had a full blogpost with all of my favs and why including pictures....and then I lost it all! Ugh!!!!

So now I'm just going to give you the short version.

1. Tombstone- Sam Elliott YUM

2. The Neverending Story- FALCOR!!!!

3. The Shining- my friend Jess and I dressed up as the Grady twins one Halloween.

4. Twilight- shut up and don't judge me

5. The Great Outdoors- my "go to" movie when I'm anxious or sad.

6. Clueless- this always makes me happy.

7. Boondocks Saints- the accents, the revenge!!!!

8. Terminator 2- I had pictures of Eddie Furlong all over my wall back in the day.

9. Anchorman- anyone who has seen this knows why it's on my list. "The arsonist has oddly shaped feet"

10. The Ghost and the Darkness- animal behavior is just so fascinating to me and the fact that these lions did the exact opposite of what their kind does... I so want to see the actual lions that are held in a Chicago museum.

There are soooo many more but here you go...what are your favs? What can you watch over and over and over?

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  1. ditto except the shining for obvious reasons - i hate scary movies! i watched ghost and the darkness because of you. :)