Day 10: Pets That I've Had

December 10, 2013

Since I work in animal rescue... I cannot possibly name every animal that has come through my house. So I will stick to my own personal animals. 

1. Squeaky- the guinea pig my parents bought me when I was 5. Squeaky was also the reason for the scar that graces my left cheek to this day (well his cage). Story for another time. I had Squeaky until he was blind deaf and paralyzed in his back legs. Then we had to have him put down. I buried him under my mom's tangerine tree.

2. Black & Blue- sibling black labs that my parents surprised us with when we moved to the country. We had these two for about 12 years. 

3. Summer- my very first cat! She was hit by a car in front of the house, the lady was crying and hysterical because she hit my cat. We had a metal rod put in her leg to fix her and then she was eaten by a coyote. To this day, my mom hopes that the coyote choked on that rod!!!

4. There were a few more cats (Candy, Sembei, and I am sure more) that we had for like a minute because they didn't last out with the coyotes, hawks, etc. 

5. Whiskey- the orange male cat that my 4th grade teacher gave me. I had this cat forevvvvvvver! He was awesome!!! He made it through having his caught in the door (had to have the tail cut off), getting stuck on top of the phone pole (fire dept got him), and all kinds of craziness. 

6. Thor- our St. Bernard/yellow lab that my dad saw at the high school youth fair and "had to have". Thor and Whiskey were babies at the same time and were so funny. They wrestled all day and remained close their whole lives. We had Thor til he was about 11 years old. He had horrible external lupus and we had to constantly put meds on his poor nose. 

7. Singen- my dad took one of our dogs to the vet and saw a guy bring a German Shepherd puppy in that he had found.... Again, my dad "had to have it" and brought him home. We had Singen for a few years and his aggression just got out of control. My dad could handle any dog and our vet said that sometimes a dog "just isn't right". He had to be put down afternoon tearing open Black's jugular. 

8. Poncho, Will & Cowboy- Poncho and Will were gorgeous buckskin quarter horses that my dad got from his BFF in Texas. Cowboy was the asshole pony that came with Poncho. They were best friends and couldn't be separated. Cowboy is responsible for my brother Tom never getting on a horse again for the rest of his life. Poncho was my dad's friends retired police horse. The best horse we ever had. 

Our horse Will

9. Nix, Marky & Yoda- horses that we had for a short time. My dad brought them from Texas to be re-homed here in California. Yoda ended up staying. He thought he was a dog. He bit the hood on my truck, would try to knock us over by leaning on us, knock over the wheel barrel when we were almost done cleaning the corral. 

10. Justin- a quarter horse baby that we got. Turned out he had all kinds of problems that the breeder didn't tell us and he went back. 

11. Six- my dad's retired race horse (he bought him after he was retired, my dad didn't race him) that was ginormous!!!! 

12. Lucky- my mom rescued crazy Lucky from a local shelter. He's a Queensland Heeler and inSANE! 

Lucky Lou

13. Skeeter- I went to the shelter to help a friend adopt a dog.... I came home with a psycho rat terrier that was on death row. Skeeter ended up being the grumpiest longest living dog I ever had, he moved with me when I moved out of my parents house. He survived being abused (previous owner), mauled by a pit bull foster, & lost for 3 days in 100 degree weather. He finally went to The Rainbow Bridge at the ripe old age of 16. 

14. Pua- Again I went to the shelter with a friend, and came home with a smooshy faced cat with no tail. Turns out she was a chinchilla Manx. The vet told us that this cat would never last outdoors so she became my families first indoor cat. My dad had always sworn he was allergic to cats (liar face). When I finally moved out of my parents house at 23, my parents wouldn't let me take my own cat. Who would my dad read the newspaper to if I took her? 

15. Bohdi- I resued this 12 year old cat from the shelter. Apparently people like kittens and not seniors. The seniors are my favorite and I had Bohdi until he was 18. 

16. Angel & Lucifer- my ex husbands cats. Lucifer passed away too early due to a bladder illness. I still have Angel to this day. 


17. Tank & Havok- my children before I had children. These were  overs that my ex and I had. Both passed away from cancer within a year of each other. Havok was the best dog I ever had. He and I had a connection. I called him my soul mate. 

Havok & Tank 

Havok my sweet boy

18. Bruno- my French Mastiff that we had to rehome. I had a new baby, and Bruno tried to kill my boxer Havok and I got my calf ripped open in the middle. With a new baby, I couldn't have that. We re-homed him to a man who had just recently lost his mastiff to old age. 

My brother dressed Bruno

19. Lola- my one eyed black pug. The sweetest girl. She had been hit by a car and then dropped in the overnight drop of the local shelter. Who does that????? Loved her for the rest of her life. 

Silly Lola 

20. Hunter- my crazy nutso, Swiss Mountain Dog/ black lab mix. Our rescue saved the mom and her puppies from a shelter up North. The puppies all had parvovirus. I adopted Hunter, a friend adopt her brother Max, another friend adopted her brothers Boone and Waylon. She is 5 now and still acts like a puppy. 

21. Zeke- the newest addition to our family. When I met Tbone, he had just recently lost his best friend and roommate in a horrible car accident. The only good thing that came out of that horrific event.... Zeke. Zeke was Greg's Jack Russell/Chihuahua rescue. Now that Tbone is part of our family.... So is Zeke. Zeke fits in perfectly!! Hunter chases him, he runs away, he chases Angel, she hisses at him. Perfection!!!!

Well I prob lost you around #4. Sorry! How many pets have you had? 

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  1. You had horses!!!

    I am sooooo jealous. I love horses. Toronto is just not the place to have them. ;)