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February 7, 2014

Hi, I'm Zeke and I am taking over blogging for my mom today. She is too sore from Yogurt... oh wait, she says it's Yoga not yogurt... Whatever, I wasn't involved so I really don't care... Plus I am excited that I get to talk to all of you today!!! Woohoo!

So I am sure you have all heard that hundreds of dogs are being killed or will be killed in Sochi. Apparently there are hundreds of strays in the area near where they will be hosting the Olympic Opening ceremonies. The dogs congregate in this area because there is construction going on and the workers tend to leave/feed the dogs.

Being that mom work's in animal rescue/education, I have heard her say that many of her rescue friends  are boycotting the Olympics this year because of the happenings. It was said on the news that the dogs would be collected and then poisoned because they don't want them wandering on the field during the opening ceremonies. Can you believe that? I am so lucky that I was born and rescued here in America and not Russia. Plus it looks really cold over there and I'm little and always cold. Good thing mom, dad & the kiddos let me climb under the covers with them. The cat doesn't like it though. But she doesn't really like anything except eating and being a fatso.

Now I love watching the Olympics. I love watching different countries all come together for the same goal. It's beautiful! I am not sure about boycotting the Olympics because I don't have access to the tv clicker (dad's a clicker hog) but I do think that Russia needs some education on sterilization of animals. Maybe my mom could go over to Russia and educate the people. If people were required to spay/neuter, the stray population would not be nearly as high, and they wouldn't be in this situation.

Luckily Oleg V. Deripaska a Russian billionaire has backed a rescue attempt on behalf of a charity called Volnoe Delo (Good Will). They have been told "Either you take all of the dogs from the Olympic Village or we will shoot them." Holy schnikes, that sounds horrible!!! I hope I never have to go to Russia... My mom says that not all of Russia is bad.. but I don't care... I'm hiding under the covers anyway. The rescue has until Thursday to collect and remove all of the dogs. I really hope that they get saved and find homes like I did.

Here is the article regarding the rescue efforts.

What are your feelings on this? Any ideas? Comments? Okay, I had fun stealing my mom's blog today. Hope to talk to you all soon!!!!


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  1. Holy mess that is horrible! I truly believe there is a special place in hell for ppl that are cruel to animals!

  2. This is horrible! Killing them is not a solution and neither is aborting female babies in China. Sounds like a program for the sterilization of animals is very much needed there!

  3. Awww. That is so sad! I didn't even know that was happening!

  4. What a horrible horrible story. It does seem as if there are some very bad things about Russia right now....

    It was great to meet you, Zeke. You're a handsome dude.