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February 18, 2014

Well we are home from the river... and I would rather turn around and head back but I guess it's back to reality...

Our trip didn't exactly go as planned... We were supposed to leave Friday after Tbone got home from work.... but he worked far from home and sat in horrible traffic so we decided to leave at like 5 am on Saturday... We weren't happy about losing more time out there but the poor guy couldn't sit in a car any longer...

Friday night about 11:30 Boogie woke up and came in to our room crying that her throat hurt sooo bad and she had a cough. So we decided that we would have to cancel the trip.

Saturday morning the kids woke up dressed and ready to go... until I told them that we wouldn't be going because Boogs was sick... They both cried and were soooo sad.

Tbone decided to head up to LA to see some friends since it was the anniversary of their friends death and we weren't going to the river any more...

Boogs seemed fine, just had a cough so we decided that we'd meet Tbone in Riverside, leave his truck there and head out to the river... (luckily we hadn't un-packed).

We got a late start but we were all happy that we were back on track and still going. Until our 4 hour trip turned in to an 8 hour trip... We sat in traffic that didn't move because a horse trailer had overturned (sooo sad I know)... so we got off the freeway and basically back tracked... It was a long long long drive but we finally got there about 9.

We were just happy to be there!!!

After the huge ordeal of going/not going, 8 hour car ride, etc... we were finally there!!! and we had a great time!!!! If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen quite a few pics already but here are some more... =)

We took the kids to Oatman Arizona to feed the donkeys

posing with Uncle T

 Then birthday breakfast for Tbone at Topock

 Some family fun before heading home
Uncle T refuses to ever make a normal face

Relaxing on the front porch

They would have lived on the golf cart if they could have

and now we are home with two sick kiddos and heading to the doctor... but it was worth it... we had a blast and a much needed relaxing getaway. 

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  1. I always feel like I need a vacation after I get HOME from a vacation! hahaha

    1. I even tried to have everything done before we left so that we would come home and have everything ready to go... Never seems to work out that way!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Glad you guys got it all figured out in the end. Getting there is always half the battle. haha

    1. 8 hours in the car with two kids was not fun!!! But def worth it! =)

  3. I grew up in Arizona and I totally love those random small towns they are so weird and amazing!

    Erica Jacquline

    1. I know... I love little ghost towns and things like that... What part of AZ?