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February 6, 2014

I love how creative people are!!!! I so want to be creative when I wake up tomorrow!!!! Kallie over at But First, Coffee is hosting a mug swap.

What is a mug swap you ask? Well I am glad you asked! It's swapping mugs with an assigned partner/blogger/person. And yes, anyone can join! You don't even have to be a blogger. Just have the ability to email, buy a mug and send it!

These are Kallie's rules...

1. Sign up using the form (go here). Open to everyone (not just bloggers) and is International.

 2. Sign ups close February 18th and you will recieve your partner by the 20th at the very latest.

 3. Spend 1-2 weeks chatting with your buddy, getting to know them.

 4. Send out a mug to them before March 6th. The MAX you should spend on the mug is $15. If your buddy is international, then reduce that to $10 MAX to encure shipping charges.

 5. I'd love to see your mugs when you get them. Use the hashtag #BFCMugSwap (because appearantly mug swapping is a thing and its already got a handful of taken hashtags!)

 6. Share it! Make sure to tell your friends about the swap on twitter and instagram!

Woohoo, I am so excited to meet a new friend and add an awesome mug to my collection! 

This is the mug I am using right this minute!!! FYI Alice in Wonderland (the original) is my very favorite Disney movie ever!!!! 

It's raining outside so my hair is in a bun... Although it would probably be up if it wasn't raining.

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