Boy Behind the Blog #9

February 20, 2014

Boys Behind The Blog

[ONE] If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 
Tbone- Anywhere as long as it was with my family and in Maui... or Montana... 

[TWO] Sand or Snow?
Tbone- Like to live? 
Me- I don't know, any way you interpret it.
Tbone- like beach sand or Glamis sand?
Me- Just pick one.
Tbone- ok, I guess sand.

[THREE] What Winter Olympic sport would you rock?
Tbone- Winter?
Me- yes, Winter.
Tbone- The luge!
Me- Really? Why?
Tbone- cause it looks fun and you get to go fast! (words from a true racer at heart)

[FOUR] You're cooking a romantic dinner- What is your "go to" dish?
Tbone- something pasta! (duh he's Italian, does he ever think of anything other than pasta? or cheese?)

[FIVE] Fill in the blank. "This year I gave Kellee a _______ for Valentine's Day.
Tbone- well since I am a shitty guy, I just got you a card... because we went to the river. 
Me- Um a trip to the river and a card doesn't make you a shitty person!!! I'd rather have that than flowers and chocolates any day!!!!! 

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  1. This sounds like my hubs, analyzing every question hahha

  2. I could never try the luge! He is way more daring...

    1. Hahaha last night when we were watching it, I was like "I could totally do that!" haha riiiiight!

  3. Oh man, I'm all for moving to Maui! Excellent choice!

    1. heck yeah!!!! my aunt, uncle and cousin live there... i don't hate to visit =)