My Wishlist For This Wet Wednesday

April 2, 2014

It's Wednesday, and it's wet! Hence the post name. We even had hail today!!! But next week it's supposed to be 90... I give up on trying to understand the weather. Apparently we are just going to have cold hail, earthquakes, tsunamis and scalding heat all in the span of one week. 

Anyway.... time for my wishlist

I didn't realize how many things I needed in my life until I started following blogs. 
Holy crap, people review some pretty cool crap! 
I have decided that I need the following things...
Ready, set, go...

[ONE] A blog planner... Come on, every one is doing it... 

Sarah Pinto planners

seriously, I feel like I'll never be a good blogger until I have one. 

Pretty much anything by Tarte Cosmetics

Amazonian Clay Blush $26 and comes in 17 colors. 

Buffer airbrush finish bamboo brush $32

Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation $36 and comes in 11 colors. I have seriously only heard amazing things about this product. 

Polar Watch
I just know that this watch will make my workout sooooo much better. I mean, everyone has one... 

This one runs about $119 on Amazon. 

Tieks Ballet Flats
Why am I sooo picky about ballet flats... Seriously the only ones that I have found that I like cost way tooooo much for me. 

These cuties only cost about $195- $395

a Home T-shirt

you can buy your state shirt here $28

Okay I think that is all I am dying over right now... Until next time... Toodles! 

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  1. That Whitney English planner is to diiiiie for! No way could I justify spending the dolla billz on it though! :/

    1. Why does fun stuff have to be so expensive????

  2. I love my Polar Watch but you are so right blogging makes me want so much more stuff!

  3. I want Tieks but they are SO expensive! And def want a Fit Bit or Polar Watch.

    1. I'll never have a pair but I seriously want them in every color!!!!!

  4. I really want the polar watch!!! Oh and the ballet flats and the planner...hell pretty sure I want it ALL!

  5. I made my own blog planner and it's fabulous, and cost me like $5 in printing at Staples. Want the print files??