I'mmmmm Baaaack

April 29, 2014

I'm back! 

Okay Okay don't get too excited.

So in case you didn't notice, I took a little more than a week off... This is because going through a divorce and child custody SUCKS with a capital SUCKS! 

It's almost been two years and we have only now just gotten our custody 'agreement' straight. 
I say agreement like that because neither of us got what we wanted. I don't care about assets, debts, blah blah blah... I just want my kids more. Since we have split I have the kids during the week and he has them on weekends (which worked out last year just fine because my dad was sick and battling cancer. So I got to spend weekends at the hospitals, surgeries, and with him at home before he passed away).  Well I am not okay with that arrangement anymore.  I want the kids on some weekends too! It's not fair that he gets to be a classic "Disneyland Dad". I do homework, showers, chores, school, doctors appts, etc... He gets fun fun fun. So I asked to have them during the week AND alternating weekends.

I waived spousal support, I took care of my own debts, I just want my kids on some weekends so that I can have fun with them too!!! 

Well because we have been doing the weekends the way we have.... the court thinks that me having them all week and every 2nd and 5th weekend is okay... They see it this way... if they were in danger then I should have taken them to court earlier. Well they aren't in danger but since I am the responsible parent, I'd also like to have some fun time with my children as well.... So he didn't get what he wanted (Thurs-Sunday every weekend and dinners on Wed), and I didn't get what I wanted M-F & alternating weekends. We had to compromise... I know it could be way worse... I am thankful that my kids have a father that cares enough to want to see them more, when many kids have to deal with not having a dad who wants to see them at all. 

So anyway, that's why I've been missing in action... Lots of attorney appointments & court stuff. 

Now I have until Spet. 28th of this year before I am finally divorced!!!! 

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  1. Sorry you are going through a divorce. Though neither of you got exactly what you wanted a few weekends are good and will allow for some fun times.

  2. Thanks girlie!!!! and you are right!!!! It's better than it was =)

  3. I am so sorry you are having to go thru this! I hope everything gets better soon friend! XxOo

  4. Welcome back! Glad you are on the outs of this tough situation

  5. Aw love I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. I can't imagine how hard it is but I'm sending you hugs from the East Coast !

  6. Shew what a mess! Sending good thoughts & prayers your way! You can do this! :)

  7. Thank you!!! It's no fun but unfortunately a necessity

  8. Thank you!!!! I will be glad when it's all over!!!! =) But at least I have my kids on some weekends now... not just during the week.

  9. I feel youuuuuu! I've been through this too, although I ended up with Monday to Friday, plus every 4th weekend, and I guess it works out - especially in the summer when bedtimes are pushed back and there's more "fun time" to be had. :)

  10. i hope it all works out. i watched a friend battle it out in the courts for custody arrangements and it's the opposite for him - the mom is always wanting to dump the kids on him which he loves but you can tell the kids notice that which is sad :(

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