I'm A Happy Girl

April 4, 2014

Well I am writing this a day ahead because tomorrow we will be at the Zoo. 

Here are 32 things that make me a happy girl...

1. // My kiddos

2. // Sunshine

3. // An It's a Grind coffee date with Tbone

4. // Taking the kids & dogs out for an adventure

5. // Being at the river

6. // Ice cold drinks in mason jars

7. // When Tbone and I go to Bow Wow to play with the puppers

8. // My BFF

9. // Reading good books

10. // Eating dinner on the back patio during Summer time

11. // The rodeo

12. // Horseback riding

13. // Freshly colored hair

14. // Camping

15. // Bike rides

16. // Vacations

17. // Getting blog comments

18. // My feet in the warm sand and my buns in the water

19. // Hiking

20. // When Tbone leaves me notes on our closet whiteboard

21. // Making crafts

22. // When we have to water Tbone's parent's plants

23. // A good animal rescue story (for more of those add my friends IG)

24. // Buying new shoes

25. // Horror movies

26. // Log cabins

27. // Sam Elliott

28. // Hearing Davey Havok's famous sigh

29. // Country concerts

30. // A good steak

31. // When it stays light late

32. // My family

Have a Happy Back That Azz Up Friday!!!

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  1. Country concerts on sunshiney days are the best!

  2. Love the song choice!!! Love a good adoption story! Look at you squeezing Sam Elliott in there!!

  3. Horseback riding is one of my favorite things. I even wrote a post about it once. Can't wait to find a place to go this year!

    1. Mine too!!! I miss having horses... Maybe one day soon!!!

  4. Love #31!!!! :D It feels so good to be enjoying daylight later than 4PM now! haha

  5. yes to all of this! esp the sunshine...dying for some here. it's been rainy and gloomy.

    Vodka and Soda

    1. we have sun today! i am so excited to go outside and plant stuff! LOL sunshine on my face!!!!

  6. YES TO SUNSHINE! Great list, just reading all these lists makes you realize all the things in life that may seem small but make life so great! Love it!