Time To Reflect

January 2, 2014

Seriously, where does the time go? I now feel old! My older brother used to tell me all the time, "just wait, pretty soon you will look back and wonder where all the time has gone". He was so right!

I'm super excited to start a new year... all fresh! This is the year that I focus on myself and my family. More quality family time, being healthier, making more of our time together, having adventures, & enjoying each other.

2013 was such a strange year for me. It was full of ups and downs for sure.

In February, the kids and I moved in with a roommate and her kids. It's really not easy to live with another family, but it made sense. We knew each other (so we didn't have to worry about our safety), & our kids all went to the same school.

In March I met the love of my life. Who knew he was hiding in Agoura Hills, CA? I'm just so glad that I found him! Before meeting him, I honestly thought and was okay with being a single mom for the rest of my life, but so happy that we found each other.

In April we found out that my dad's cold (that just wouldn't go away) was really Mesothelioma. Little did we know that we would only have a few short months left with the man we all saw as invincible. My dad was truly my hero and losing him was definitely the hardest thing I have ever gone through.

April- Sept were kind of a blur. Tbone and I spent every weekends trading off driving the 2 hours to see each other. I spent all the time that I could going to my dad's doctor appointments and trying to keep some sort of normalcy for my kiddos.

September 8th- my dad passed away at home with all of us kids, my mom, Tbone, and a few very close family friends. It was the worst day of my life! I lost my hero!

Sept-Oct were rushed with seeing family, organizing a memorial & trying to help my mom tend to all of the things you need to do when someone passes away.

October- Tbone, the kiddos and I all moved in together to start our lives together as a family. I turned 34 and we had a great 4 day trip to San Diego for Tbone's brother's wedding.

November- the very first of the holiday's without my father. It was very hard but I'm so thankful that we have such great family. Tbone's family had my family to their home for Thanksgiving and it was great!

December- December just went by so fast, but we were very lucky to have my mom spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with all of us!

All of these things that have happened this past year just makes me realize how important family really is. I mean, I've always been so close to my family but I just appreciate all of them so much! I'm very lucky!

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  1. Oh your kids are so cute! I'm sorry for your loss, lady!
    2014 is gonna be a rocking one! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you very much!!!! =) Happy New Year to you too!