Birthdays, Fireworks & The Zoo

July 9, 2013

Well I have been lagging again... Sorry, I suck! 

The past two weeks have been filled with both kids birthdays, 4th of July and The Zoo. 

On June 30th, Beaks turned 5! It's so hard to believe my baby boy is already 5 years old. He's gone from this 

To this 

I'm such a proud mama!

A few days later we were lucky to have T come down and stay to celebrate with us. 

We spent 4th of July with good friends at The Beach Club. It's become sort of a tradition and I loooove traditions. 

After a great day relaxing in the sun and stuffing our faces, we headed over to the K's house for more food and laughs. 

The kids were beyond worn out.

We even managed to make it in time for fireworks but I didn't get any pics for ya. Sorry!!!!

Friday we got up, took the kids to visit Grandma & Grandpa for a bit and then headed to the zoo. T and I kept the zoo a surprise for the kiddos and had to play 20 questions for the hour drive. It was well worth it to see their faces when we got there. 

Beaks, T & Boogs at the wombat exhibit

Boogs and me

Boogs & Beaks

This guy isn't even a year old and already 150 lbs. 

He was gorgeous

This guy was a huge show off. The monkeys are T's favorite!

Group shot

Baby flamingos

T. & Beaks

Sunday my big girl turned 7!!! It blows me away that she was born 7 years ago!!!! 

And now

My sweet girl

Later we had cake and went to bed on a sugar high.

It was a perfect week!!! Hopefully I'll be able to write and update more often. <3

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