Wha? Who? Where? Help me!

May 23, 2013

I've lost all control of my life! I have no idea what is up and what is down. 

I am pretty lucky to even remember my name at this point. 

Trying to coexist with an ex, being a single mom, trying to keep my kids sane without messing them up to badly, and now dealing with the fact that my father has cancer. 

A very wise person keeps reminding me that I never really had control of my life. Nobody does. It's kind of up in the air and you can only help guide it so much. 

Last week was my 4th Relay for Life. Unfortunately since Im running on only 1/4 of a brain, I wasn't as in to it this year as years past. This year was also extra difficult for me as I'm now watching my father battle cancer. 

My dad was too weak to be at Relay this year so the kiddos sent him a picture reminding him that we are always in his corner. 

Our friends also came by after losing their mom to breast cancer on this past Mother's Day. We love them and it breaks my heart. These are 6 of their 8 children. 

Even though our Team has dwindled from what it used to be, we have also gained some amazing people along the way. Love each and every one of these girls!!!! 

Relay has become such a part of my kids lives. The look forward to it every year. 

I hope that next year my heart and head will be back in it 100%. 

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  1. Not sure how I missed that you've started blogging again. <3 I still need to do my relay recap...only 3 months later! xoxo