Monday already???

July 29, 2013

I swear... Weekends go so fast!!! Actually, time in general goes so fast these days! 

Here is my weekend in a few pics...

Friday morning the kids and I went to Encinitas with my parents for a family trip to the chiropractor. We are party animals!!! 

Then Sunday morning T and I took Tessie the Tahoe to Riverside and said our final goodbyes. My heart is broken! I loved my Tahoe so much!!!! Just couldn't do the gas mileage any longer. 

After sniffling my way back on the freeway, we decided to stop at T's parents for a quick "hi". This is the cute little fairy garden she made with her niece. How freaking cute is that??? Boogs will love it!

In front of T's parent's house.

Then today we hung out at the pool. 

Hope you had a good weekend!!!


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