Hospital Rooms and Beautiful Beaches

July 15, 2013

Hi! How was everyone's weekend? All relaxed????

My Friday was the day from Hell! Although it didn't start that way... Or end that way. So I guess I really shouldn't complain too much.

The kids and I started our day early Friday morning. They had their 5 and 7 year check ups at 8:30. Yep that's right "AM", as in before noon. Ughhhh, I hate mornings. Anyway, physicals went very well, the kids are growing nicely and healthily (is that even a word?). Beaks got 5 shots and didn't even shed a tear. Well maybe a tear but he didn't cry. So proud of my little guy!!!

We ventured back home and since I was going to buy my brother's car we decided that he would drive the hour here to drop it off, then I'd take him in our dad's truck (that ive been driving this past week) back to our parent's house so that I could drop that off and pick up my Tahoe that's been sitting there for the past week... Then take dear brother home, the drive all the way back home. That way all the cars were where they were supposed to be. Did you actually follow that? I think I confused myself.

My cute new toaster. So much better on gas!!!!

On the way from my house to our parent's house, I got a text from my mom saying that she was taking my dad to the ER.  For those of you who don't know, my dad was diagnosed with mesothelioma about 2 months ago and just had a major surgery called a thoracotomy. He's been healing well at home and finally making some real progress when he broke out in a weird rash all over his back and chest. He took a benedryl to relieve the itching and hopefully get rid if the rash when his blood pressure dropped wayyyy low. So his doctor from UCLA recommended that he go to the ER.

So, In the meantime, the kids, my brother and I drop dad's truck off at his house, get in my Tahoe, and drive to the hospital where our parents are and luckily is on the way to my brother's house.

We get to the hospital and they hAve admitted our dad to hydrate him and watch his blood pressure which is now 81/32 (uh hello, are you even alive with that kind of blood pressure?). We all traipse up to his room to see him and check on how he and our mom are doing. Dad is in good spirits and mom is still holding up ridiculously well on little to no sleep. Turns out that the doctor's think that Dad got a rash from the generic version of his meds and then with the combo of his diuretic, potassium, antibiotic and the benedryl, his blood pressure just went way down. S they wanted to observe him for 24 hours. We gave hugs and headed off to drop off my brother.

My mom and the kids checking out the view from Dad's hospital room.

We finally get my brother dropped off and start back home. On a Friday at 3:30 pm. Ughhhhh, big mistake. The 15 N was basically a freeway the whole way home. So after sitting in traffic for basically 2 hours, we get home. Now its time to pack the kiddos stuff and drive them to their dad's for the weekend. Ok, we go to get in my new car and guess what.... I can't find the keys. Omg!!!! Did I leave them in the truck that I just dropped of at my parent's house???? Seriously???? So, I text my brother and say, "OMG I left the keys to the Scion in day's truck". So now the kids are late to their dad's house and I have to drive the Tahoe back to our parents about 40 min away to get the keys and come back home in god awful traffic. My brother calls me, "uhhhhh, I have the keys in my pocket". Of course he does. Why wouldn't he? "Ahhhhhhhh!"

Ok, I take the Tahoe and the kids, drop the kids off t their dad's, and stop at the bank to deposit my check. "Sorry ma'am, all terminals are down". Of course they are! Back in the car. My mom calls me and says that my brother drove back to. The hospital, dropped off the key and now she was heading home so she'd meet me halfway to hand over the key.

Finally have the key in my hands.

Back on the freeway I go. Meet my mom and turn around to head home. It's now 6pm. Sit in more traffic, want to stab myself. Finally make it home, pack my suitcase, get in the Scion (cause I have the damn key now), and drive 2 hours to Agoura Hills for the weekend where my dear love bug lives. Finally about 9 pm I get there, say hello to all the neighbors (very close neighborhood) who are hanging out outside, excuse myself, stuff my face with dinner that T had ready for me, and crash on the bed. 

It really felt like the longest day EVER!!!!!

But it's okay because the next two days were filled with nothing but relaxation. 

T took me on a beautiful drive up the coast in Malibu where we stopped for lunch at the famous Neptune's Net. It was a little overcast but still a beautiful drive. 

I'm home now, back with my kiddos and feeling much more relaxed. Dad is back home and doing well. All good news! 

Missed these monsters.

XO, Kellee

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