Grumpy Kellee

March 3, 2014

Today I am just grumpy and frustrated... I feel like being a good person, honest, and positive usually creates a positive life for you. Lately no matter what I do, shit follows me... Crazy people come out of the wordworks when you are happy and they are miserable... Why do people like to create drama? I like to live drama free!!!! Part of the reason I am such a hermit!!!!

So I'll be back tomorrow with a better attitude!

Hope you all are having a Happy Monday!

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  1. You just shut the door in the face of those crazies. Literally or figuratively, whatever you got to do! ;)

    1. yeah I think I was just having a "poor me" moment this morning!!!!

  2. We all have those days.
    Don't let anybody bring you down! Blogging is for expressing yourself.
    Hope you feel better tomorrow. <3


  3. Don't you worry sweet thang... we allll have those days! :)