5 on Friday

March 7, 2014

Yay, it's Friday!!! I am definately ready for the weekend!!! I spent this morning on a webinar (have you ever done one? I used to do them all the time when I worked but doing them from home just isn't the same... I guess it's better in the fact that you can just mute yourself and make your coffee, let the dogs out, pick your nose and nobody has any idea!!!! But when I am not in an office setting, it just seems like I kind of check out... Oh well, I did actually learn a lot and am glad that I took it.

Moving right along... I am ready to sleep in a little bit tomorrow (yeah right, that doesn't happen when you have kids or dogs and we have both!!! Even though the kids will be at their dads, Hunter likes to be let out every morning about 4:30- 5am... Annnnnnoying!!!

Tonight is our town's Rod Run. It's kind of a big deal and I think that Tbone and I will go for a little while with some of our friends. Hopefully I'll have some pictures for you next week.

Boogs got her award today and we couldn't have been more proud!!!! She earned a "Soaring Spirit" award for her responsibility. She looked so cute up on stage in her cute dress and cropped jean jacket.

Boogs on the rt. and her friend Lily

So last week on 5 on Friday, I listed some of my past injuries... well today I shall continue. I wasn't done... So here are 5 more.

[SIX] As a Freshman in high school, I was having horrible knee pains... I had always played sports growing up but stopped when I went in to 9th grade... Friends were more important at that stage in life. My knee got so bad that it was bothering me in day to day activities. My parents took me in to our orthopedic surgeon (who has operated on everyone in  my immediate family) and thru xrays, he saw that my knee cap was sitting in the wrong place... Instead of sitting in the little cradle spot where it's supposed to be, it was to the side on the edge of the cradle... That summer when I had some time off, I went in for surgery. They cut the ligament that holds the knee cap in place and let it slide back in. I was lucky that it was such an easy surgery, I was walking around Blockbuster (that's how long ago this was) after we left the hospital.

[SEVEN] My Junior year in high school I was swimming twice a day on the swim team. I was sooo tired that I didn't want to hang out with my friends, my grades were slipping, I was grounded because my grades were slipping... I didn't care about anything, I just wanted to sleep. My parent's thought I was depressed and took me to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist suggested that before putting me on medication that they take me to have a full blood work up to make sure nothing physically was wrong. Good thing that they did. Turns out I am one of the only people under 70 to have Hyperparathyroidism. The doctors were amazed that I was able to get out of bed, let alone go to swim practice twice a day and a full day of school. I was rushed to UCLA's endocrinology specialist who scheduled me for surgery to remove one of my four parathyroids... It happened so fast, I didn't have time to even be scared. They went through my throat and found that I had a tiny tumor on the parathyroid... they removed both and luckily it was benign. I went home a few days later. It's been almost 20 years and my calcium and phosphorus levels are still perfect!

[EIGHT] I got run over by a truck... not really but that's what I like to say... Years ago while at the river, we were pulling the boat out of the water... I was on the back bumper making sure that the boat was evenly on the trailer... at that point I put one leg over the closed tailgate and was going to sit down in the back of the truck while we drove up to the spot to clean out the boat... Well my ex took off before I was ready... My leg hooked on to the tailgate and the rest of me went backwards... My other leg went under the back of the truck swinging up and my shin connected with something very metal and hard. At this point I was just trying to hold on. Once he realized what had happened, he stopped and we looked at my leg... I still have a dent in the front of my shin. Moral of the story.... make sure everyone is secure before driving up the launch ramp.

I've literally seen this happen. 

[NINE] Kidney stones!!!! Holy Hell, this is by far the worst pain I have ever experienced and I had both of my kids naturally with no drugs! I didn't just get a kidney stone (resulting from the hyperparathyroidism), I got like 5!!!! and one managed to get stuck in my urethra (too much info? sorry). I had a 104 temperature, I literally told my dad that if he loved me, he'd kill me while I was puking on the bathroom floor. I had some sort of surgery where they break up the stones with a laser. Great except you still have to pass all of those broken pieces!!! OUCH!!!!! I lived on morphine for quite a while.

[TEN] Boogs was about a year old and I was inside with her while the ex was outside cleaning out the dog houses and moving them. Our white boxer was jumping up and down trying to play and paw at the dog house... I am still not sure what made our 100lb mastiff puppy snap but he went after our boxer so fast... All I could hear was growling and my ex calling me... I put Boogs in her pack n' play and ran outside... Bruno our mastiff had Havok our boxer by the neck. I immediately got in between and did all I could to separate the two. It wasn't working... Havok was able to turn a little bit and was frantically trying to fight back and in the meantime, he grabbed my calf. It wasn't his fault, he was being attacked, he had no idea what he was doing and as soon as he realized that it was me, he let go. I was finally able to get the two on opposite sides of the fence and take a breath. At that point, I was checking Havok's throat... He had some very deep punctures and tears but they were clean... There was blood all over the back patio... I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.... then my ex said, "OMG it's your leg". I didn't look at it because I knew I'd panic if I did. So I walked in to the garage, grabbed a sweatshirt, tied it around my calf, grabbed the baby and got in the truck. At the hospital, they talked about giving me a blood transfusion but in the end, I just was stapled back together. The dumb nurse said, "you should have let the dogs kill each other". I wanted to slap her!!! Those were our family members... I would do it again and don't regret what I did. Havok was okay, he had sutures and drains put in and Bruno went through major training and went to live with a man who didn't have any dogs, his mastiff had passed away. I knew that this was the best possible home for him... My guilt was so bad about giving him up, and that is how I became involved in rescue. I wanted to help!

This was one side, the other side had the same thing. 

So if you are still with me and haven't fallen asleep from boredom,  that's pretty much all I've got. So on that note, have a happy weekend!!!!

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  1. "you should have let the dogs kill each other" Ugh! I could NEVER!

    1. right?!?!?! and who actually says that? omg i wanted to punch her!

  2. I can't believe that lady would say you should have let them kill each other! Seriously rude.

    I missed your first 5, but man you've got some bad luck with injuries! haha I hope it's gotten better over the years.

  3. Yay for the spirit award- you must be so proud!

  4. That was the dumbest nurse ever! Glad you were okay from all those catastrophes!

    Have a good weekend!

    1. yes it was hard for me not to smack her!!!! have a great weekend!!!

  5. You live in Temecula?! When I used to work for Run For Your Lives we had a two day event in Temecula, Vail Lake actually. What a small world!!

  6. OMG that looks so bad. I would have done the same thing. Shame on her for even suggesting you should let them keep fighting till one died. Ugh!