Sunday Social- All About Pinterest

March 9, 2014

Happy Sunday ya'll!!! I know I'm not Southern but I kinda wish I was! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! We've had perfect weather. Sunny and about 75 degrees... Just beautiful!!! Tbone and I got up and took the pups for a two mile trail walk. Gorgeous!!!!

It's hard to take a picture when Hunter is pulling me down the road. 

So it's time for Sunday Social. Today is all about Pinterest. I know you are all as obsessed with it as I am... It truly is an amazing invention. 

What is your favorite outfit pin? 

this is pretty much me. 

What is your favorite food pin? This one right here!! 

um avocados and egg roles... nuff said! 

What is your favorite wedding pin?

pretty much my dream wedding dress! 

What is your favorite DIY/Craft Pin?

how fun is this??? I love this idea!!! 

What is your favorite quote?

so true!!!! 

Share one more random pin that you love.

this couldn't be more true!!! 

 photo siggy_zps57b91eb6.png


  1. Avocado bacon egg rolls?! Sounds AMAZING!

    1. right?!?!?! i want to make them right now! LOL

  2. so agree with that last pin! that would be a perfect life :)

    1. iiiiii know!!!!! why can't i get paid for that?

  3. I am so glad the weather has been nicer, this post got me excited for it! That wedding dress is gorgeous (not sure I could pull it off though) And now I have to do that DIY craft. I have never seen that before!

    1. That dress was meant for me... I just have to find someone to make it now =)

  4. That dress is pretty darn cute!!!

  5. Haha I love that sweatshirt! That sounds like a damn good life to me!

    1. I just need to find a way to make that a profession.

  6. Love your outfit pic. So my kinda comfort. I so want that sweatshirt. So true!

  7. I need that sweatshirt!! :)