I Can't Wait For Summer Because....

March 19, 2014

Helene In Between

Today I am joining Helene & Taylor

There are so many reasons that I can't wait for Summer but here are just a few...

[ONE] I love eating dinner with the fam outside on the back patio.

[TWO] 8pm and sunlight is the best!!!!

[THREE] Drinking iced coffee

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[FOUR] The river!!! River trips are my favorite!

i was 8.5 months pregnant here, hoping i didn't have to have the baby at the river. 

copper canyon

[FIVE] Summer fruit is always my favorite!!!! Pineapples, strawberries, kiwi, passion fruit, watermelon!!!!

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[SIX] Salads, I could live on salads during Summer!

[SEVEN] Sunshine!!! I love the feeling of the warm sun on my face (with spf of course).

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  1. Eating outside is definitely in my top reasons for loving warmer weather!

  2. RIVER TRIPS! YES. I am so excited to float this summer! And to just be in the water in general with some sun all up in my face, yes! Summer girl for life right here and I have been miserable lately. So ready for it to warm up!

  3. Everything outside, all day, every day!!!! The sun on my face is so needed right about now!

  4. now i'm craving an iced coffee!! yum!

  5. I love eating outside too! And the sun being out till 8 is the best!

  6. Those are all good reasons and our favorites too. We pretty much live outside!

    Wyatt's Mom