Sunny Saturday and Movie Reviews

March 29, 2014

Happy Saturday to all of you!!! Hope it's nice and sunny where you are! Rain was in our forecast but thank goodness Mother Nature decided to give us sun and warmth instead! 
We spent the first have of today watering at Tbone's parents house... They have gardens and planters galore... So since they are out of town, we went over to water all of the things that are in pots that the sprinklers don't get, fill up the bird baths and to put food out for the cat that comes over to eat. If you follow me on IG, then you've seen the flower pics I posted, if you don't follow me, then you should now!!!! Here
If you have a tv then you probably know that So Cal had an earthquake or 50 yesterday. Since we are about an hour and a half south of LA, we only felt the large one (5.1). Tbone and I were in the middle of watching The Councelor (I'll tell you about that in a minute) when we heard the rumble... We both stared at each other, then looked at the dogs and cat... Zeke barked like crazy, and then Tbone and I stared at each other again... It seemed to go on forever!!! I had to look at my glass of water to make sure it had stopped. So now of course everyone in So Cal is prepared to break off in to the ocean. 
this is literally the face that our news caster made while having an earthquake a few weeks ago. 

Okay let's go back to the movie The Councelor... Don't waste your $1.50 or whatever it costs to rent this movie from RedBox. It's pointless, skips around too much and for what? Nothing!!! We kept hoping that there would be a twist and then we'd be like, "ooooh that's why we wasted 2 hours of our life"... but no, it never happened. It really did look promising... Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, & Penelope Cruz... Nope, it sucked!!! I repeat, don't waste your time or money on this. The only good thing in this movie is Cameron Diaz's hair.
Next up... The Wolf of Wallstreet!!!!! Okay, this is a great movie!!! Fantastic!!! Rent this! Now!!! Stop reading my post and go rent it. Okay I'll stop being bossy now, but seriously, you should see this! Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing and Jonah Hill is hilarious! I love him!!! There is a part where Leo is so messed up on Queludes (sp?) that he cannot function and he literally rolls down the stairs of his country club... I about peed myself! Hilarious!
On to American Hustle... Another movie that I was disappointed in. I had so much hope for this movie and it let me down... Suuuuper slow!!!! I mean it was okay but nothing like I had expected! Glad we didn't waste our time and money seeing this in the theater. 

Lastly, Dallas Buyers Club... This surprised me!!!! I am not sure why, because it was so well spoken of... but man, it was amazing!!!! I realllly enjoyed this... It's definately not a feel good movie, but it's a good one for sure!!!! Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto were both AMAZING!!!! 

That's all I've got for ya today!!! Enjoy your weekend!
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  1. I want to see Dallas Buyer's Club and American Hustle so bad!!!

    1. I cannot say enough good things about Dallas Buyer's Club!

  2. I need to catch up on all these movies especially Dallas Buyer's club.

  3. I thought of you when I heard about the earthquake. So scary! We had one in Maryland when I was in college and it was the strangest feeling!

    Ahh I loved American Hustle! But I neeeed to see the WofW and Dallas Buyers Club!

    1. i guess there have been over 150 aftershocks... crazy!!!!