River or Bust.... More like Bust

July 2, 2014

Wow it's been quite a while eh? 

Let's see.... what has happened since I last blogged????

We went to the river!!!! Yay for my happy place! Unfortunately we almost didn't make it...  We had planned on waking up at 5 am to get on the road early to beat traffic and the heat... My mom even came over and spent the night so that we could all just roll in to the car. 

But that would have been to easy. I woke up at about 3 am and for some reason brushed my arm against my ear... It was then that I woke up and realized something was wrong!!!! My ear was gone! Just kidding... My ear was super thick and fat. Weird right???? So then I sat right up and felt my other ear... it was super swollen and fat too!!!! WTF?!?!?! So I jump up and look at it in the bathroom mirror... Holy hell, they were so swollen that you couldn't even move my earlobes... They were so fat, they were stiff!!!! Um, not normal!!!! Then that's when I notice that the right side of my face looks a little swollen too!!!! I immediatly rush to google!!!! Google knows everything right?!?!?!? 

What is more frightening that finding a billion things on google telling you that you are going to die? To not find a single thing matching your symptoms... I don't think that I have ever not found something on google until that moment. 

Finally Tbone wakes up and I explain that I have turned into a Shrek look alike. Then I realize that my whole body hurts... Like to the touch, and my throat feels like I swallowed broken glass!!!! 

We decide to go to the ER. 
Thank god that my mom was here so that she could watch the kids and break the news that we were not heading to the river. 

Luckily we get checked in to the ER super fast and my doctor is soooo nice!!!! We knew we'd like him when we found out he had the same name as our sweet doggy Zeke. 

He then told me that he'd never seen anything like this either... Not super reassuring! 

They order a CT scan because he either thinks it's a weird reaction to my throat infection (that developed over night) or it's a blood clot in my brain causing a back up and my face to now look like Princess Fiona. 

We wait around for the results and they come back... He seems to think that it all looks clear and we can go home with some antibiotics for my throat. 

Okay we head home, get the kids packed and are walking out to the car when Dr. Zeke calls us and asks us to come back. He heard that we were going to the river and didn't want me to die out there so he wanted to be absolutely sure that my brain was okay... He rushed us in to a MRI to make sure. 

(I apologize for the camel toe shot)

After speaking to him, he tells us that he's consulted with the neurosurgeon (WTF) and they just want to make sure that what they were seeing was nothing. 

Thank goodness it comes back okay!!!! Now he says that he can confidently send me on my way to the river in the middle of nowhere where there is no medical care!  and off we go!!!!

Nothing was going to stop me from going to my happy place!!!! 

We ended up having a great trip even though my mom fell out of my Aunt and Uncle's motorhome and Boogs came down with strep throat on the way home!!!! (Sorry no pics of my mom eating shit).

I swear it's always something but we manage to have a great time anyway! 

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  1. Hope your ears are back to normal now. The river looks so fun!

  2. Thank you, they went back completely about the last day we were there... I still have no idea what the heck happened!!!

  3. So happy your ok. I was at the doctor just this afternoon and she was just looking at me like I was nuts as I described what was going on. It's never reassuring when you're doctor looks so concerned and can't figure out what's wrong!!

  4. Wait- so you still don't know exactly what caused it?! Oh my god lady you guys went thru it! I'm glad you were still able to enjoy the lake though!

  5. "(I apologize for the camel toe shot)" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Dying!

  6. ahhh that is so scary but glad you are ok. and sounds like you had a good trip even with some mishaps!

  7. Thanks, yes we ended up having a great time!!!

  8. hahah i didn't even notice until a friend wrote that on my facebook. ahhhh lol

  9. no they still have no idea... so weird right?!?!?!?!

  10. thank you!!!! i hope your doctor was able to help you out!!!!

  11. oh my gosh, how awful! so glad you are okay though, medical anomalies are the worst!