Oh Hey, It's Friday So I'll Do The Blogmopolitan Quiz Part Deuce

July 18, 2014

Welcome to my first 'Oh Hey, It's Friday' hosted by The Farmer's Wife

1. I may have re-homed a T-Rex today... I don't just rescue dogs and cats people!!! 

2. I sleep with a blankie named "Wormie". Don't judge me!!!

3. I have never seen "The Notebook", and I refuse to!!!! 

4. I have Trypohophobia!!! and now goosebumps from just thinking about it. 

5. For my first 34 birthdays, I wished for a pet Falcor. Everyone needs a luck dragon!

Now on to the Blogmopolitan Quiz #2 hosted by Two Thirds Hazel

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  1. Great answers for the quiz! I love the fall too! Stopping in from the link-up! Happy Monday!