May 13, 2014

Oh hi there Tuesday... and welcome to the house of sickness... Actually only Beaks is really sick... double ear infection, so we made a trip to the doctor yesterday and he's already feeling much better. But I am afraid that I am on the brink of catching his gross ooooey goooey green boogery cold. 
I don't feel bad but I don't feel right so I am sure that I will have it just in time for a beautiful weekend. 

It's super hot in these parts this week and I am refusing to turn on the oven... Does anyone have any ideas? I'd be perfectly happy with a salad but I have kids ya know so I kind of have to come up with something...

I really don't have anything to say today as you can see.... 

Hopefully I'll have something better for you tomorrow. 

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  1. I ordered a wrap but then it was gross so that was a waste of money. I should have just had a bowl of cereal! Hope everyone feels better asap.

  2. Oh no how you don't get sick and he feels better soon! Soup is a good one especially to ward off the sickness.

  3. I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon! Love that picture.. so cute!

  4. Feeeeeel better soon!

  5. cereal is always a good choice!