Sunday Social- 90's Edition

May 11, 2014

Welcome to another Sunday Social. 

Today's questions.... 

1. What was your favorite TGIF show? Perfect Strangers hands down!!!! I freaking loved that show so much!!!! Balki Bartokomous was hilarious!

2. What was your favorite Saturday morning TV show? Jem and Kids Incorporated!!! I even had a special outfit that I'd wear... with fingerless gloves. 

3. Mickey Mouse Club or Kids Incorporated.? Kids Incorporated all the way, in case you didn't get that from number 2. 

4. Zack Morris or AC Slater? I guess if I had to choose, I'd choose Zack... I was more in to Edward Furlong back then though. 

5. Which show would you love to see remade? (For example, Boy Meets World is back as Girl Meets World)
I don't think that remakes really can do the original justice. So I think we should let them be. 

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  1. I love that you said no thanks to BMW coming back. I saw an article about Boy meets Girl or something and I was like nooooo let it goooooo

  2. OMG OMG OMG. Perfect Strangers? SO MUCH YES. George and I sing the Bibi Babka song *all the time*.

  3. Awww I remember Perfect Strangers, I loved that show but I was super little lol And I LOVED Edward Furlong, Terminator 2 was my fave movie.

  4. right?!?!?! Tbone and I are always saying, "Don't be ridiculous!"

  5. yeah I heard that they are doing Girl Meets World or something like that... I never really watched it... I was a little old for it, but my younger brother watched it. Re-makes usually suck!

  6. I seriously have seen the movie a billion times and my brother and his wife walked in to their reception to a Terminator 2 song... Hahahaha