Throw Back Thursday

May 9, 2013

Since I've missed a year of blogging.... 

So, here is a post of pics from my brother's wedding in Maui this past November. 

It was perfect! The kids and I had the best time! 

Boogs and her Uncle Lucas

Beaks and Uncle Lucas 

The happy couple

My babies

The melt my heart

And crack me up

I had mustache envy

Now I've made myself Maui-sick! Time to go back!!!! 


  1. I was JUST thinking this morning how it's almost been a year since Maui, and when can we go back again? Hmmm, maybe in two years?? Plan! Plan! Wish! Wish!

  2. Let's do our 17 year HS reunion there, but only invite people we like. 17 year HS reunion, that's a thing right?