August 27, 2014

Yes it's true, I feel like I am dying. I have hand foot and mouth disease... I guess that's a perk from working at an elementary school. 

I'll just be laying in bed, isolated from my family if anyone needs me!!!! 

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Catch Up

July 27, 2014

First before anything... Please go like my new business' social stuff!!!

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Thank you!!!! 

So I apparently don't blog anymore!!! I've been so busy with getting all of my pre-requisites done for school which starts in a few weeks, getting all of the kids stuff ready for back to school in two weeks, and then starting a new business, that I've totally been neglecting my little blog here. 


So here is just a quick run down of my days via pics!!!! 

About 3 weeks ago, the rescue that I work for took in a boxer family. Without getting in to the specifics, they had to be taken away from their situation. The babies were only about 12 days old and they all needed basic medical care. 

Now they are 5 weeks old , rowdy babies and learning how to be respectable future furry family members for the right people! Meet the boxer family. 
(FYI Rambo the dad, was adopted and now lives with a great family and even has a boxer sister to play with.) 

Lft- Dad (Rambo) & Mom (Candy)
Rt- Candy taking good care of her babies

 Top Row from left to right- Spike (the only boy), Sasha Fierce, & Tigger
Middle Row from left to right- Lilly, Marie (I need her), & Magnolia
Bottom Row from left to right- Daisy, puppy piles, and sleepy babies

Top Row- While the kids spent time with their cousin at their grandparent's house, Tbone and I went to Motley Crue. Don't ask how it was because we drove over and hour to get there, and then stayed for 5 minutes of a song... Long story but Tbone hadn't been feeling good and so we turned around and went home. With all of my school pre-reqs, I've now seen 10 doctors and been poked so many times to get everything I needed.. I'm glad it's all done... for now.

Bottom Row- We actually saw this business card for cattle insemination... It was too good to not take a picture... I highly recommend this Trader Joes Goat Cheese & Sundried Tomato Ravioli. It's beyond amazing!!! I just wish it came in bigger bags! And then I tried making cauliflower lime cilantro rice. Delish and so much lighter than rice! Yuuum!

We spent the weekend relaxing (Tbone was sick) and spending quality time with our babies. 
Top Row- My business license came in the mail (wooohooo I'm official), taking our babies for a evening walk since it's ridiculously hot during the day. 
Bottom Row- Client Torii the gorgeous Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and Hunter my big headed baby! 

I think that is pretty much it for now. Hopefully I'll be back like tomorrow... or at least sometime this week! 

Thanks for hanging around!

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Oh Hey, It's Friday So I'll Do The Blogmopolitan Quiz Part Deuce

July 18, 2014

Welcome to my first 'Oh Hey, It's Friday' hosted by The Farmer's Wife

1. I may have re-homed a T-Rex today... I don't just rescue dogs and cats people!!! 

2. I sleep with a blankie named "Wormie". Don't judge me!!!

3. I have never seen "The Notebook", and I refuse to!!!! 

4. I have Trypohophobia!!! and now goosebumps from just thinking about it. 

5. For my first 34 birthdays, I wished for a pet Falcor. Everyone needs a luck dragon!

Now on to the Blogmopolitan Quiz #2 hosted by Two Thirds Hazel

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